by Kennedy

5 years ago, on

The SRC by this communique wishes to inform all graduates and graduands of the readiness of their graduating gown. The date for the collection of gowns is scheduled for today, 30th July to 8th August, 2019 at 10am to 4pm each day.

The following, gives light of the processes involved.

1. School of Management and law and School of Engineering
Venue for Collection :LT8B
Colour of Hood:Yellow

2. School of Science
Venue for Collection: LT 8A
Colour of Hood: Wine

3. School Agriculture and Technology
Venue for Collection: LT 7B
Colour of Hood: Lemon Green 

4. School of Natural Resources
Venue for Collection: LT 7B
Colour of Hood: Deep Green 

Please note that, all processes involved will require your Students ID Card as a proof of your status. Students are therefore, encouraged to come along with their ID Cards.

Thank you.