Continuing Student Trail List Released

Continuing Student Trail List Released

by Admin UENR Noticeboard

5 years ago, on

The examination trail list for continuing students is out now. the list can be downloaded at the end of this notice.

The SRC upon discussions with management, registration channels are yet to be developed with timetable for exams.

Students are, hereby, advised to prepare considerably for 19th August to 1st September, 2019.

No matter how the results turned out to be, there is always more room for improvement. Let us remember that, this is an opportunity for us to take stock of the previous year and forge ahead with renewed determination.

In this unfortunate event of trails, we advise that students contact Mr Afrifah Boateng, the SRC Vice President, for more information regarding resit arrangements 0241882299

Download the list in PDF form by clicking on any of the buttons below: