EORIC UENR Advance Virtual Fire Information system in testing phase

EORIC UENR Advance Virtual Fire Information system in testing phase

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Project Description

UENR in 2013 received an SDF grant which was used to put up an Earth Observing System (EOS) ground station for the detection of real-time wildfires.

The ground station comprises of a 2.4 AEBP antenna positioner with X/L Band Feed, High Rate Demodulator (HRD), Low Rate Demodulator (LRD), a front-end server (FES) and a number of servers. This was provided and installed by Orbital Systems Ltd, USA.

AFIS is an operational fire Information System focused around the prediction, detection, monitoring and assessment of fires globally.

The system utilises a portfolio of satellite sensors for early detection of fire events as well as the mapping of burn scars at 30m resolution every 5-10 days. In addition to the detection and mapping of fire events, the system also provides users with 5-day high-resolution weather forecasts as well as fire danger forecasts based on both the Lowveld and the Canadian Fire Weather Index. The proposed project seeks to upscale the AFIS project by providing farmers and necessary stakeholders with early fire detection and alert information in the form of voice and SMS alerts as well as a smartphone application.

This would be achieved using the Advanced Fire Information System (AFIS).

Project Objectives

The main objective of the project is to develop a Ghana-based Advanced Fire Information System (AFIS) to serve the needs of farmers. The specific objectives of the proposed proposal are;

• To provide AFIS voice (in local and English language) and text SMS applications to notify farmers of bushfires in their vicinity

• To undertake a pilot test of the AFIS smartphone, voice and text SMS applications

• To undertake capacity building workshops for personnel of Ghana National Fire Service on the management of the AFIS infrastructure:- A series of training of sessions will be organized for the personnel of GNFS on the utilization of the upgraded AFIS system.

• To provide training for farmers and other stakeholders such as the frontline staff of Forestry Commission, GNFS and NADMO on the usage of the AFIS applications